Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sorry, iPhone rivals: America remains Apple country

Although the Apple iPhone has been losing market share of Samsung and other vendors of Android in many parts of the world, their remains of solid support in the United States. The latest figures from com Score show that Apple in us smartphone market share increased between April 2013 and 2013 July although it does not release any new device during that time and although both Samsung and HTC both launched high-profile flagship devices. In total, comScore found that Apple accounted for 40.4% of U.S. in July 2013 smartphone market, up 39.2% three months earlier.

Samsung is not surprising to not go so badly, however, as he saw his participation in the American smartphone market rise of 22 percent in April 2013 to 24.1% in July 2013. No other supplier of smartphone even posted a double-digit market share in July this year: HTC came the closest with 8%, followed by Motorola in 6.9% and LG at 6.8%. Mora continued its fall in the American smartphone market, as its share of the total market in the United States declined to 4.3% in July.

Android was once again the top in July general smartphone platform, with a 51.8% market share, still more than 10 points higher than the iOS platform global market share. Market share of Microsoft Windows Phone not moved between April and July, however, as comScore found remained in exactly 3% of the market.

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