Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Airtel is my favorite internet service provider in Nigeria

Before I continue, this article is not an affiliate article, but an article based on my experience with Airtel Nigeria as one of the leading internet provider in Nigeria.
Below are my reasons.
1. INTERNET SPEED AND DOWNLOADING SPEED: Airtel network has a very fast internet connection and downloading speed. Downloading speed of 112-200kbps for edge 500kbps to 10.0mbps or more for 3G or HSPA.
For instance, there were some files that I tried to download with one other internet provider in Nigeria that took me several hours compared to airtel that took me just few minutes to download it.
2. AIRTEL BIS: Airtel BIS is one of the cheapest in Nigeria. As low as N1200 (blackberry social) per month. Ranging from monthly. Weekly and daily subscription. Most importantly, Airtel BIS can be used on other non blackberry smartphones.
For complete monthly 30 days N1400, Dial *440*1# or send bcm to 440.
For weekly 7 days N400, Dial *440*2# or bcw to 440.
For daily 24hrs N100, Dail *440*3# bcd.

Blackberry social monthly N1200, Dial *440*4# or bsm to 440.

3. FREE DATA: Airtel gives 10mb data weekly if you recharge up to N200, also you get 1mb data daily by dialing *141*13*1#
4. Airtel has a "Gift data" platform where you can transfer data to friends and loved ones by dialing *141*1# and follow the prompt.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Android Jelly Bean and IOS6 compared

Google Andriod mobile operating system is one of the leading and popular platform for mobile users and developers.
Jelly Bean is more faster and better for mobile experiencing, with the improvement on google search and mobile computing
Andriod 4.1 Jelly bean has google chrome as the default browser, with it's predecessors(andriod 3.0 Honey comb, and 4.0 ice cream sandwich).
It's widget works like magic: you can place multiple widgets on it's desktop.
Smarter keyboard: that says next keyword you type
Fast and smooth.
Integrated with facebook and twitter.
Andriod bean let you share your photos easily with your freinds.
Like IOS6 it lets you know the weather and traffic details.
With google voice search. Just say the word and it will search it with google.
For bloggers who would want to blog or edit html codes with their mobile phone android 4.1 is a better mobile operating system for that.
Andriod Jelly bean is made for apps.
IOS6 is the latest operating system by Apple inc.
Integrated with skype and facetime
Share photo with icloud
Safari is the default browser.
Integarted with twitter
With IOS5 integration with twitter which was a boost to twitter, now it is integrated with facebook.
"Do not disturb" mode lets messages come to your phone, if you cant take a call at that moment, the screen wont light up when ever a new messages arrives.
It has an app that collects all your loyalty cards, ticket information and other info into one neat place for easy access. With location enabled it knows what to show based on where you are, so you can get your movie tickets or plane ticket, with maps.
IOS6 is also made for apps.

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